Initiative Prospective Agricole et Rurale (IPAR)

IPAR is Francophone research institute that focuses on proposals for agricultural and rural policy making in Senegal and the West African region.The initiative was founded in 2005 by specialists in agriculture who were interested in creating permanent spaces for foresight and strategic thinking. The current staff and Executive Directorate of the IPAR consist of a multidisciplinary team of sociologists, economists and agronomists.

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Irrigation, Sécurité Alimentaire et Pauvrété Leçons Tirées de Trois grands Barrages en Afrique de l’Ouest / Irrigation, Food Security and Poverty: Lessons Learned from Three Large Dams in West Africa

Diffusion de la Table de Traitement de l’huile d’Arachide: Quel Impact sur la Qualité du Produit ? / Dissemination of the Peanut Oil Processing Table: What will the Impact be on the Quality of the product?

Southern Voice Measuring Post-2015 Sustainable Development in Senegal Phase II Follow-up Study

A New Trans-Disciplinary Approach to Regional Integrated Assessment of Climate Impact and Adaptation in Agricultural Systems

Contrat - Cadre Beneficiaires 2013 – Lot N°1 : Developpement Rural et Securite Alimentaire - Analyse d'économie Politique (PEA) des Filières de l'Arachide et du Riz au Sénégal Rapport final – Mai 2016 / Contract regarding Beneficiaries Framework for 2013

Changement Climatiques a l'Horizon 2050 - Scenarii d'Adaptation pour L'Agriculture / Climate Change on the Horizon of 2050 - Agricultural Adaptation Situations

Improving Rice Self-Sufficiency Policies in West-Africa: Challenges and Opportunities - Dakar Workshop Report

Measuring Sustainable Development for Post 2015 in Senegal

Comprendre les Changements dans l’accès et l’Utilisation de la Terre par les Populations Rurales Pauvres en Afrique Subsaharienne : Cas du Sénégal / Understanding Changes in Access to Land and Land use by the Rural poor in Sub-Saharan Africa: the Senegale

Emploi des Jeunes et Migration en Afrique de l'Ouest (EJMAO) / Youth Employment and Migration in West Africa

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