Groupe de Recherche et d’Analyse Appliquées pour le Développement (GRAAD)

GRAAD was established in 2010 by the Centre for studies of documentation, social and economic research at the Ouagadougou II University in Burkina Faso. It is an independent non-profit organization focusing on coaching, training and research in the areas of sustainable development and green economy, employment and rural development and education. Generally, GRAAD studies problems in African development in order to support the policy makers and other actors in decisions with regard to socio-economic progress in different countries.

Latest publications

Report: Working Group 3: Innovative and Inclusive Public and Private Strategies to Help Vulnerable Groups

Thèse du Catastrophisme du COVID-19 en Afrique: Ressentiment des Africains ou Réalité ? / Thesis on the COVID-19 Disaster in Africa: African Resentment or Reality?

UEMOA InterGenre Rapport de Synthese: Atelier Méthodologique Et De Lancement / UEMOA InterGenre Summary Report: Methodology and Launching Workshop

Coût des Mauvaises Pratiques dans l’usage des Produits Chimiques dans le secteur Agricole / The Cost of Poor Practices in the Use of Chemicals in the Agricultural Sector

Rapport: Atelier d'Echanges et de Partage d'Experiences entre Acteurs de la Filiere Agroecologique/Biologique / Report: Exchange and Experience Sharing Workshop between Actors of the Agroecological and Biological Sectors

Le Profit plus Important que les Droits Humains? L’Extraction de l’or au Burkina Faso et la Responsabilité de la Suisse / Is Profit more Important than human rights? Gold mining in Burkina Faso and Switzerland's Responsibility

Défiscalisation et Accès à l’énergie Solaire au Burkina Faso / Tax Exemption and Solar Energy Access in Burkina Faso

Projet Initiative Pauvreté-Environnement au Burkina (IPE/Burkina) / Project Initiative for Poverty and Environment in Burkina Faso

Heifer in Trust, Social Protection and Graduation : Conceptual Issues and Empirical Questions

Does Rapid Agricultural Growth Require a System of Innovation? Evidence from Ghana and Burkina Faso

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