Environmental Law Research Institute (ELRI)

ELRI is a non-profit think tank for applied environmental research and an affiliate of Environment and Health in Communities of Africans (ENHICA) International Foundation Inc, an international development organization established in the United States. ELRI came into being create of awareness, protect environmental rights and chart the course for the development environmental law and policy in Nigeria and beyond.

Latest publications

Heavy Metals Contamination and Environmental Impact

Impact of Gas Flaring on Global Warming and Agriculture

Climate Change Action: Reducing Food Waste an Underrated Cause of Global Warming

International Investment and the Environment

Nigeria's Democracy and the Crisis of Political Instability : An Audit of the Electrical System

Governance Structure for Groundwater Management in Lagos State : The Policy, Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Perspective

Strategies in the Prosecution of Environmental Cases

Eko Atlantic The Dream of a New Model City Struggling with Transparency, Good Governance and Negative Environmental Impacts

Climate Change and Green Economy: Law as Driver of Change and Engine of Sustainability

Capacity Building Workshop For Parliamentary Support Staff Of States And National Assembly (Water and Sanitation Group) Developing Legislative Agenda And Programmes For Waste Management And Water Development At The Federal, State And Local Level

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