The Energy Research Centre (ERC) is a multi-disciplinary energy research centre, housed in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at the University of Cape Town. The Centre conducts high quality, targeted and relevant research as well as offering postgraduate opportunities at the Masters and PhD levels.

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Socio-Economic Considerations for a Paris Agreement - Compatible Coal Transition in South Africa

Comparative Analysis of the NDCs of Canada, the European Union, Kenya and South Africa from an Equity Perspective

The Balance Sheet Summary: An Essential Tool for Transparency and Robust Accounting in Mitigation and Markets

An Assessment of New Coal Plants in South Africa’s Electricity Future: The cost, emissions and supply security implications of the coal IPP programme

Mitigation Accounting under the Paris Agreement

The Developing Energy Landscape in South Africa: Technical Report

The Long-Term Uptake of Natural Gas in the South African Energy System

Challenges Associated with Implementing Climate Change Mitigation Policy in South Africa

Journal of Energy in Southern Africa Vol 27 No.3

Journal of Energy in Southern Africa Vol 27 No.2

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