Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)

CDKN is led by SouthSouthNorth (SSN), working closely with its partners Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano (FFLA), ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, South Asia (ICLEI - SA), and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI).

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How to Contribute Climate Change Information to Wikipedia

Rapport Spécial du GIEC sur les Océans et la Cryosphère dans le Contexte du Changement Climatique: Quels Impacts pour l’Afrique ? / IPCC Special Report on Oceans and the Cryosphere in Climate Change: What are the Impacts for Africa?

Ethiopia's Response to Climate Change and Gender

The IPCC’s Special Report on Climate Change and Land: What’s in it for Africa?

The IPCC’s Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate: What's in it for Africa?

The Current and Future Climate of Central and Southern Africa: What we have Learnt and what it Means for Decision-Making in Malawi and Tanzania

Smart Incentives for Mini-Grids through Retail Tariff and Subsidy Design: A Guide for Policymakers

Bottom-up Climate Legislation in Cameroon: Suggestions for a General Approach to Develop Legislative Interventions on Climate change through Public Consultations

Overcoming the barriers to Climate Change Adaptation

FONERWA Climate Risk Screening Tool

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