Centre for Human Rights (CHR)

The Centre for Human Rights works towards greater education, awareness, and dissemination of publications on human rights across Africa. Based at the University of Pretoria, the Centre has positioned itself in an unmatched network of lawyers, national and international civil servants and human rights practitioners across the entire continent.

Latest publications

Implications of the African Union’s Stance on Immunity for Leaders on Conflict Resolution in Africa: The Case of South Sudan and lessons from the Habré Case

The Climate Change Regulatory Framework and Indigenous Peoples’ Lands in Africa: Human Rights Implications

Rights away from Home: Climate Induced Displacement of Indigenous Peoples and the Extraterritorial Application of the Kampala Convention

Evidence Obtained Through Violating the Right to Freedom from Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment in South Africa

Public Participation in Decentralised Governments in Africa: Making Ambitious Constitutional Guarantees More Responsive

Striking a Balance between Community Norms and Human Rights: The Continuing Struggle of the East African Court of Justice

The Al Bashir Debacle

A Rights-Based Approach to Environmental Protection: The Zimbabwean Experience

Child Marriage in Nigeria: (Il)legal and (Un)constitutional?

Anti-Terrorism Measures in South Africa: Suspicious Transaction Reporting and Human Rights

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