The Afrobarometer is an independent, nonpartisan research project that measures the social, political, and economic atmosphere in Africa.

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La Création D’Emplois: Un Défi Majeur au Bénin / Job Creation: A Major Challenge in Benin

Batswana Report Improving Gender Equality and Approve of Government Efforts

Change Ahead: Experience and Awareness of Climate Change in Africa

Sao Toméans Support Taxes but don't Trust Tax Officials / Os São-Tomenses Apoiam os Impostos mas não Confiam nos Oficiais Tributários

Citizens Views and Experiences of Corruption: Africa 2019

La Violence Politique a Encore le Vent en Poupe en Guinée / Political Violence Still on the Rise in Guinea

Les Milieux D’affaires et Politique vus Comme le Siège D’une Corruption Croissante au Niger/ Business and Political Circles Seen as the Seat of Growing Corruption in Niger

Traditional Authority and State Legitimacy: Evidence from Namibia

Ugandans Commend their Government's Performance in Bridging the Gender Gap

In Togo, Inadequate Health Services Feed Growing Dissatisfaction with Government Performance

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