The Afrobarometer is an independent, nonpartisan research project that measures the social, political, and economic atmosphere in Africa.

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For Senegalese Women, Advancement is Real but Uneven

Africans want Open Elections - Especially if they Bring Change

Declining Trust: Basotho Perceptions of Government Corruption and Performance Drive Drop in Popular Trust

Cabo Verdeans want more Government Action Against Corruption / Cabo Verdeanos querem mais ação do governo contra a corrupção

Most Ugandans see Worsening Drought, say Climate Change is Making Life worse

Les Malgaches Déplorent L’ampleur de la Corruption, mais Craignent de la Signaler /The Malagasy People Deplore the Extent of Corruption, but are Afraid to Report it

Les Conditions Économiques du Niger se Détériorent et Rendent les Citoyens Pessimistes / Niger's Deteriorating Economic Conditions make Citizens Pessimistic

How Free is too Free? Across Africa, Media Freedom is on the Defensive

Is there an Anti-politics of Electricity? Access to the Grid and Reduced Political Participation in Africa

Security Concerns Decrease, but most Tunisians would Trade some Freedoms for Greater Security

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