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Lack of Trust in Government, Reliance on Social Media may Drive Vaccine Hesitancy in Zimbabwe

Malgré une Baisse du Chômage, les Sénégalais Réclament Plus D’efforts du Gouvernement en Matière de Création D’emplois / Despite a Drop in Unemployment, Senegalese Call for More Government Efforts to Create Jobs

Image Dégradante de la France la Situe Loin Derrière d’autres Puissances Mondiales Comme Modèle de Développement au Togo / The Deteriorating Profile of France Places it far behind other World Powers as a Model of Development in Togo

Ugandans Voice Concerns about COVID-19 Response, but Most are Willing to be Vaccinated

Despite Doubts about Government Response to COVID-19, Majority of Mozambicans want Vaccination

Dissatisfaction with Eswatini's Democracy Rises

South Africans say Gender-based Violence Worsening, Blame Substance Abuse

New President’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Confronts Zambians’ Perception of Government Failure to Control Rising Corruption

Beyond Borders? Africans prefer Self-reliant Development, Remain Skeptical of Free Trade and Open Borders - Revised

Most Gambians Value Elections, but Fewer Trust the Institution that Manages them

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