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Money Talks - A key reason youths join Boko Haram

The particular observation in this study, that people join Boko Haram because of financial rewards, challenges the popular scholarly proposition that poverty has no direct causal link with terrorism and violent extremism.

Institute for Security Studies (ISS)

Life Stories: Learning from Kismayo

'Life Stories' is a set of deep, introspective narratives provided by six of the individual women that took part in a research process that examined the gendered dynamics of inter-clan conflict in Kismayo, Somalia, and in particular the role of women in processes of violence and peace.

Life & Peace Institute

Change ahead: Experience and awareness of climate change in Africa

Climate change is “the defining development challenge of our time,” and Africa the continent most vulnerable to its consequences, according to the African Union and the United Nations. Farmers in Uganda waiting endlessly for rain, cyclone survivors in Mozambique and Zimbabwe digging out of the mud and burying their dead – these images bring home what changing climate and increasingly extreme weather conditions may mean for everyday Africans.


Sales Tax Proposal: We are beating a dead horse

The tribal wisdom of the Dakota tribe in the United States of America, passed on from one generation to the next, says that “when you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount”. In Zambia’s haste to pronounce VAT dead, the country has veered dangerously close to resurrecting a truly dead horse – one that died 25 years ago – in the form of Sales Tax.

Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR)