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Fostering a Sustainable Agro-Industralisation Agenda in Uganda

Uganda’s vision is to industrialise and transform the structure of its economy by 2040. Given the dominance of agriculture as a source of livelihood, agro-industrialisation offers a great opportunity for Uganda to embark on its long-term aspiration of transitioning into a modern industrial economy.

Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC)

Youth, Deprivation and the Internet in Africa

The study investigates - from young people’s perspective - whether the Internet could be used to help them deal with the various issues they face. With a focus on Nigeria, Rwanda and Tanzania, the paper considers what the policy implications of this are and proposes possible policy interventions.

Research ICT Africa

South Sudan v James Dak: A Case of Travesty of Justice

Mr Dak, a South Sudanese national, has suffered injustice through combined violations of international refugee law and domestic constitutional law/criminal law and due process. His case should alert UN refugee agencies and human rights organisations to step up their efforts to prevent such violations from occurring in the future.

The SUDD Institute

Brazilian and Moroccan Policies for sub-Saharan Africa: Description and Elements for Assessment

This paper retraces Brazil and Morocco’s economic strategies towards sub-Saharan Africa since the beginning of the century, highlighting the characteristics and evaluating the performance of the instruments used to promote the flows of trade, investment and cooperation between each of the two countries and the sub-Saharan region.

Policy Centre for the New South