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African Union: What are the Possible Options for Strategic Autonomy?

The Peacebuilding Role of Civil Society in South Sudan

Improving Immunisation in Urban Slum Areas in Nigeria through Stakeholder Participation: Implication for Research

Primary Health Care as an Instrument for the Attainment of Universal Health Care in Nigeria

Horn of Africa Bulletin Vol 29 No. 5 September-October 2017

The Autocratic Trust Bias: Politically Sensitive Survey Items and Self-censorhip

Popular Trust in National Electoral Commission a Question Mark as Zimbabwe Enters a New Era

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2018 National Budget set to restore Zambia's economy

The budget has chartered a course for accelerating fiscal fitness but questions remain over increased debt – total government debt will be 47% of GDP in 2017, more than double the 21% of GDP it was in 2011.

Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR)

The Social Roots of Jihadist Violence in Burkina Faso’s North

Jihadist violence in the West African Sahel has now spread to the north of Burkina Faso. The response of Ouagadougou and its partners must go beyond the obvious religious and security dimensions of the crisis, and any solution must take into account deep-rooted social and local factors.

International Crisis Group (ICG)

The Africa Data Revolution 2016 report

This report conceptualises the “African data revolution” and identifies what is revolutionary about it, such as the exponential increase in the volume, types and speed of data, new principles of data governance, and new data-related rights and freedoms.

African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS)

Brazilian and Moroccan Policies for sub-Saharan Africa: Description and Elements for Assessment

This paper retraces Brazil and Morocco’s economic strategies towards sub-Saharan Africa since the beginning of the century, highlighting the characteristics and evaluating the performance of the instruments used to promote the flows of trade, investment and cooperation between each of the two countries and the sub-Saharan region.

OCP Policy Centre (OCPPC)