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Les Sénégalais Approuvent la Réponse Gouvernementale à la Pandémie de COVID-19 mais Restent Sceptiques vis-à-vis des Vaccins / Senegalese Approve of Government Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic but Remain Sceptical of Vaccines

La COVID-19 au Togo: Les Citoyens sont Satisfaits de la Réponse du Gouvernement mais Sceptiques quant aux Vaccins / The COVID-19 in Togo: Citizens are Satisfied with the Government's Response but Sceptical about Vaccines

Mauritians Praise Government's COVID-19 Response but Suspect Corruption, Distrust Politicians

COVID-19 Exposes the Contradictions of Social Media Taxes in Africa

Implication of COVID-19 for Peace and Security in the Lake Chad Basin Region

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