Africa Initiative Research Program

In 2011 and 2012, the Africa Initiative research program supported field-based research on governance issues critical to the continent in the areas of conflict resolution, energy, food security, health, migration, and climate change. Identified research priorities aim to inform and influence African policy and policy affecting Africa. Research produced under the program is packaged in discussion papers and policy briefs — all available for download on the Africa Portal.

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As of December 2013, the Research Program has concluded; no further calls for applications will be issued.  See the Africa Initiative site for information about its new programming.

Recent Africa Initiative Publications

The Africa Initiative (AI) Discussion Paper Series presents peer-reviewed, field-based research from African and Canadian researchers. The papers aim to promote discussion and advance knowledge on substantive issues relevant to policy makers and opinion leaders in Africa.

The AI Policy Brief Series presents peer-reviewed analysis and commentary, also emerging from field-based research on issues critical to the continent, and aiming to inform policy making.

The Local Livelihood Implications of Biofuel Development and Land Acquisitions in Zimbabwe
Africa Initiative Discussion Paper No. 11 (March 2014)
Gladman Thondhlana

More Inclusive Decision-making Processes in Foreign Land Leasing: Policy Insights from Kenya
Policy Brief No. 8 (February 2014)
David Otieno

Getting Treatment and Care to the Last Mile: Analyzing the Health Surveillance Assistant Cadre in Malawi
Africa Initiative Discussion Paper No. 10 (January 2014)
Alexandra Martiniuk bio, Sarah Smith, Amber Deveridge, Josh Berman, Joell Negin, Nwaka Mwambene, Elizabeth Chingaipe