Brian Adeba

Dr. Thomas E. Downing (Ph.D, Geography, Clark University) is President and CEO of the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership, a company specializing in adaptation solutions, with a major focus on Africa.  He was formerly Executive Director of the Oxford office of the Stockholm Environment Institute, Reader in Climate Policy in the Environmental Change Institute of the University of Oxford, MunichRe Foundation chair in social vulnerability with the United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security, and science advisor to the UK Climate Impacts Programme, and research fellow in the University of Birmingham and National Centre for Atmospheric Research. He is visiting professor in Oxford University in the School of Geography and Environment and Queen Elisabeth House. His major interests are vulnerability and adaptation to climate change and climatic hazards, with an emphasis on developing participatory, actor-oriented methods (such as agent-based social simulation). He has published over 100 papers, books, reports and book reviews, including the Atlas of Climate Change (with Kirstin Dow). Recent projects include the assessment of the economics of climate adaptation in Africa (AdaptCost), UK national assessment of climate change and demand for water (CCDEW), agent-based simulation modelling in support of integrated water management in Europe (FIRMA), seasonal climate forecasting in southern African and potential implications for sustainable livelihoods (CLOUD), frameworks and methods for vulnerability and adaptation to climatic hazards and climate change (ADAM, CLEAR and NAPA) and development of the Global Adaptation Network, a collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme.


  • Vulnerability and adaptation to climate change

  • Climatic hazards

  • Ph.D (Clark University)