Stephen Mutimba, currently the managing director of Camco Advisory Services (K) Ltd., is a sustainable development specialist with over 20 years experience working in the field of climate change and policy development, renewable and biomass energy development, and forestry.  Stephen’s key skills include policy and institutional development processes, business development, fund mobilization, project design, implementation and management. To demonstrate project design, management and fund mobilization skills, Mutimba is leading projects worth over USD 800,000.00 this year. Stephen has led high level participatory policy development processes including the National Energy Policy (Sessional Paper Number 4) and Energy Act, 2006 in Kenya, where he ensured private sector and parliamentarians are educated on the implication of policy and the impact of policy and law on the Economy prior to its enactment. Mutimba was the team leader for the formulation of a National Climate Change Response Strategy (NCCRS) for Kenya, which included regional consultation presenting drafts to cabinet ministers, parliamentarians and the private sector.  Currently Mutimba is leading a team that will put together a Zambia National Climate Change Response Strategy and the East African Climate Change Master Plan. These processes are expected to be completed at the end of the year. Stephen initiated the Parliamentary Network on Renewable Energy and Climate Change (PANERECC), a cross party energy and climate change network for members of parliament in Kenya. He is also a member of the Cambridge Climate Change and Sustainable Leadership UK, whose patron is the Prince of Wales; National Climate Change Activities Coordinating Committee (NCCACC); Management Board of the Kenya Forest Working Group and the Eastern Africa Energy Training and Development Network (EAETDN). Mr. Mutimba has an MSc. from Oxford University and a Certificate on Economics of Climate Change from Cambridge University, UK.


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