Dr. Ousmane Bakary Bâ is originally from Senegal.  He is an Assistant Professor at the School of Social Work at the University of Moncton (New-Brunswick).  He is also Affiliate Professor at the Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg). His areas of specialization are:Colonial and Postcolonial Studies, Globalization and Ethnic Genocides, Immigrants, Refugees, Trauma and War Affected Peoples, Anti-oppressive, Anti-racist, Anti-colonialist perspectives and African Studies. He has been conducting ethnographic research in diverse areas of interdisciplinary studies. Among other books, book chapters and articles that  he has published, he is also the author of the following: “Culture and  Trauma among War Affected  African Refugee Communities: Impacts on the social integration issues of their Youth involvement  in Gangs”( In press  with  Quebec University Press, appearance in Spring 2011); “The Critique of Evolutionary Theories of “Races” and Racism: The Status of Black and Indigenous Peoples  in the Theories of Evolution”( January, 2011, Quebec University Press); The Critical  Anthropology of Miscegenation  in the Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts ( 2009, Muhoka Editions Ottawa-Brussels) ;“Exile et culture: Ethnic Genocide, Fractures, Cultural Bereavement and Identity Reconstruction (Mai 2009, Laval University Press).




  • Colonial and Postcolonial Studies

  • Globalization and Ethnic Genocides

  • Immigrants

  • Refugees

  • Trauma and War Affected Peoples

  • Anti-oppressive Perspectives

  • Anti-racist Perspectives

  • Anti-colonialist Perspectives

  • Ph.D (Laval University)