Professor Ogaba Danjuma Oche is Acting Director of the Research and Studies Department of Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), Lagos. His academic qualifications include B.A. History and Political Science (ABU); MA Political Science (Kansas); MPA Public Administration (Kansas); and Ph.D. Political Science (ABU). He held a lecturing position in the Department of Political Science, University of Jos, Nigeria, from 1989 to 1994. He became a Research Fellow at the NIIA in 1994. His academic backgrounds in history, comparative politics, public administration and international relations have informed his research interests and publications to a very large extent. His current areas of research interest include Nigeria's international relations and foreign policy, international organizations, conflict studies, democratization processes, terrorism and issues in security. Some of his publications include United Nations Peacekeeping in Africa: Issues and Problems in African Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies (Vol. 1 No.2 2003) and From Dispute to Dialogue: Essays on Conflict and Conflict Resolution, (Lagos, FOG Ventures, 2006).  He is currently the editor of the Nigerian Forum, and Editor-in-Chief of Management Review Limited (MRL) Journal; and Nigeria in the Global Arena: Past, Present and the Future (Lagos, FOG Ventures, 2011).



  • Nigeria's International Relations and Foreign Policy

  • International Organizations

  • Conflict Studies

  • Democratization Processes

  • Terrorism

  • Security

  • Ph.D (Ahmadu Bello University)