Melese Getu holds a B.A in sociology and social administration and an M.A in social anthropology from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. He received his Ph.D in social anthropology from the University of Manchester, U.K, in 2001. As a senior faculty member at Addis Ababa University from 1991 to July 2010, he was involved in university administration, curricula development and program coordination.He taught in the graduate programs of Social Anthropology and Social Work, focusing on project management, social policy and ethics, gender and development, and qualitative research methods. He also taught sociology, social anthropology and social work courses in the undergraduate programs at Addis Ababa University. He served as associate dean of the College of Social Sciences for three years; and associate dean and then dean of the School of Social Work of Addis Ababa University for a total of four years. He was heavily involved in the development of the first social work masters program at Addis Ababa University in 2004, and was a member of a team which developed the first Ph.D curriculum in social work and social development which was launched in 2006. In the process of developing this curriculum, he forged a working partnership agreement with the Jane Addams College of Social Work, University of Illinois at Chicago. His research interests include natural resources management issues, pastoralism and development, gender and development, project management, public health issues, social policy, social protection and humanitarian assistance. He has several years of experience and engagement in multidisciplinary research projects where he has worked as a principal investigator together with other researchers from several countries with diverse educational backgrounds. He is a Program Specialist at the Organisation of Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA) and is a member of several professional associations. He sits on the boards of some these associations. He has published several articles and book chapters.



  • Natural Resources Management

  • Pastoralism and Development

  • Gender and Development

  • Project Management

  • Public Health

  • Social Policy

  • Humanitarian Assistance

  • Ph.D (University of Manchester)