Brian Adeba

Kevin McCort is the President and CEO of CARE Canada, one of the country’s most respected international development and humanitarian response organizations.  He oversees the delivery of Canadian programs in 37 countries, management of six CARE member Country Offices, and the generation of annual charitable revenue (valued at $140 million in 2010). Kevin joined CARE in 1992. Working on the frontlines of CARE’s humanitarian and emergency relief operations, Kevin has responded to a food crisis in Haiti, drought and conflict in Somalia, refugee needs in Kenya, civil war displacement in Bosnia and Croatia, and refugee demands in the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide in Zaire, Tanzania and Burundi.  In 1997, he took the helm of CARE country operations in Zambia, supporting and managing programs in agriculture, education, health, micro-enterprise and humanitarian relief.  In 2000 he joined CARE Canada’s senior management team in Ottawa, and was appointed President and CEO in 2008. Kevin is a sought out expert on international development and humanitarian issues, with particular expertise in military roles in humanitarian responses and making markets work for the poor.  He is a member of the Young President’s Organization and sits on the Imagine Canada Board of Directors. Kevin recently returned from a field visit in Pakistan, on behalf of the HUMANITARIAN COALITION that he co-founded in 2005. He witnessed the devastation caused by the severe floods affecting the country.  He met several survivors, CARE staff and partners, and saw first-hand the impact of Canadian donations.  As he was returning to Canada, he said: ‘I've left the floodzone - to do my job of raising awareness and raising funds to contribute to the relief effort. We can't undo the flooding, but we can still prevent the needless loss of life that will surely result if we fail to act now.’ Kevin lives in Ottawa with his wife Leah and young children Aidan, Sean and Regan. When he’s not travelling the globe for CARE, he can be found in the hockey rink, either on the ice or in the stands cheering on his kids.


  • Humanitarian response