Julia Bailey is a PhD candidate in socio-cultural anthropology at McGill University. She commenced her fieldwork in September, 2011 in two Maasai communities located in southern Kenya where she is examining the impact of Maasai women's social networks on pastoral livelihood strategies at the household level. An important dimension of this research considers how such networks are used in order to manage household food security. Julia holds a Master of Arts degree in social anthropology from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a Bachelor of Arts (honours) degree in international development studies from McGill University. 

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The right to food as a concept recognizes the links between food security, culture and resource rights, and as a legal principle, it requires a state to ensure that people are free from hunger. As a framework to guide policy, research and advocacy, the right to food is gaining increasing popularity ...
Maasai pastoralists are increasingly faced with annual droughts that cause significant livestock deaths and periods of food insecurity. A new form of rangeland management that emphasizes pastoral migrations and extensive herding to mitigate the impact of drought is crucial to sustaining Maasai livel...