Jonathan Crush is Director of the Southern African Research Centre at Queen’s University and an Honorary Professor at the University of Cape Town. He is the coordinator of two Canadian-African research and policy networks focusing on African urban food security ( and international migration and development ( He is currently conducting a major study on the Southern Africa diaspora in Canada. The study is funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

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The post-apartheid history of antipathy towards migrants and refugees is pronounced and well documented. A study by SAMP in 2006 of citizens’ attitudes to migrants reached the gloomy conclusion that South Africa continued to be a society in which xenophobia remained well entrenched. The research a...
Medical tourism has become a major focus of research and policy interest in the Global South in recent years. Much of the discussion focuses on the motives and impact of Europeans and North Americans who travel to developing countries for lower cost medical and health care. This paper first reviews ...
This report focuses on understanding the nature and implications of the most recent phase of movement from Zimbabwe to Botswana. The first section of the report examines the evidence for the number of Zimbabweans in Botswana. As in South Africa, the numbers are frequently exaggerated by the media an...
Studies of the Zimbabwean diaspora tend to focus on migrants in South Africa and the United Kingdom. This is the first major study of Zimbabwean migration to Canada. The report presents and discusses the findings of a SAMP survey conducted across Canada in 2010. It first discusses the recent history...
“In 2008, South African Brandon Huntley was given refugee status in Canada by the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB). The unprecedented decision, based on Huntley’s claim that as a white South African he was the victim of racial persecution in South Africa, caused a firestorm. Interest...

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