The Evolution of the African Group of Negotiators in the UNFCCC
Africa Portal Backgrounder No. 64

Investment in negotiating capacity, which has helped to increase UNFCCC influence in recent meetings, has been a response to past ineffectiveness, while new dynamics in global negotiations have raised incentives for participation.

Formal and Informal Remittance Systems in Zimbabwe
Africa Portal Backgrounder No. 63

With yearly remittance transfers to Zimbabwe estimated USD $490 million, the country is engaged in a policy debate over how such transactions should be made.

Food Insecurity in Northern Ghana: Policy Issues in Historical Context
Africa Portal Backgrounder No. 62

The ongoing policy emphasis on industrial agricultural approaches is not likely to address the historic problem of food insecurity in Northern Ghana, unless future strategies focus on the experiences and preferences of those experiencing shortfalls.

Conservation Agriculture: South Africa’s New Green revolution?
Africa Portal Backgrounder No. 61

Conservation Agriculture (CA) has the potential to greatly improve the sustainability of South African crop production. Targeted and effective policy support is necessary to sustain the momentum behind CA, and to ensure that consistent techniques are properly applied, maximizing benefits and reducing the risk of poor outcomes.

Uganda and the International Criminal Court: Debates and Developments
Africa Portal Backgrounder No. 60

Despite the International Criminal Court's long engagement with Uganda, a better understanding of its impact is needed to derive lessons for future interventions in Africa and elsewhere.

Addressing Urban Food Insecurity in Windhoek, Namibia
Africa Portal Backgrounder No. 59

With Namibia urbanizing rapidly, its capital, Windhoek, requires a food security strategy that pays particular attention to the plight of the urban poor and provides a source of affordable nutrients for common health problems. This requires the involvement of the housing, environmental health, transport and social development sectors, and should focus on assisting the development of local markets in close proximity to the informal settlements.

After the Exodus: the Challenges of Return Migration in Zimbabwe
Africa Portal Backgrounder No. 58

While the Zimbabwean government is attempting to encourage return migration, it has yet to introduce substantial policies or programs to address the challenges migrants and their families may face in resettlement.

African Enfranchisement in Global Climate Change Negotiations
Africa Portal Backgrounder No. 57

Historically, African delegations have faced challenges in global climate change talks, but in recent years they have managed to negotiate more effectively, both individually and as a group.