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Even though many African children remain engaged in various forms of labour, it is important for policy makers to distinguish between hazardous industrial employment and household work that may hold developmental benefits.
In coming years, what can we expect between Canada and Africa’s people, governments and businesses? What policy challenges will be taken advantage of? This is the focus of a new book, 'Canada-Africa Relations: Looking Back, Looking Ahead.'
Despite the ongoing debate over its effectiveness and sustainability, donor aid continues to be a significant factor for policy development in Uganda. With last year's suspension of aid, however, the country will need to increase transparency measures even faster to ensure vital programs are delivered effectively, or at all.
Initiatives such as the Ndakaini Half Marathon are important to create awareness surrounding water conservation in Nairobi, where resources are dwindling amidst a rapidly growing population.
In the onshore communities closest to Ghana's offshore oil fields, AI student grantee Nadège Compaoré finds that confusion and suspicion still shroud resource development, despite the efforts of civil society and government.
Although medical professionals continue to face steep challenges in practicing in Kenya, the reforms of the 2010 constitution have at least given them the potential to demand and deliver better health care across the country.
After talking to both Ugandan and Canadian health officials during my tenure as an Africa Initiative grantee, there appears to be an increasingly strong policy argument to be made for community health insurance as climate adaptation strategy.

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