The World Economic Forum (on Africa) meets the BRICS
Daniel Poon

With BRICS summits bringing balance back to the developmental debate and transforming investment in Africa and elsewhere, how can more traditional gatherings such as the World Economic Forum (on Africa) adapt?

Making Economic Integration Work in the Horn of Africa
Aklilu Shiketa

With economic cooperation in the Horn of Africa faltering and impeded by structural challenges, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development remains crucial for fostering integration and, perhaps, stability.

Thinking Beyond the Disaster in Central African Republic

The deaths of 13 peacekeepers in Central African Republic should not be used as a pretext to discredit robust peace operations in Africa. Risky as they can be, conflicts are rarely prolonged by too much peacekeeping.

A Regional Approach to National Development in Mozambique
Aditi Lalbahadur

Though it stands at the precipice of prosperity, Mozambique still faces structural and systemic challenges. For potential to remain positive, the country's policy makers need to adopt a regional outlook.

Resource Nationalism Threatens Africa’s Mining Boom
Oladiran Bello

Though African governments should not be in hock to multinational extractive companies, resource nationalism in the mining sector often masks larger governance failures, argues Oladiran Bello.

Qatar: Peacemaker in the Horn of Africa?
Aklilu Shiketa

After mediating disputes in Sudan and Djibouti in recent years, Qatar has aimed its diplomacy at making peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Chances of success are slim, but the potential rewards for all are significant.

The Pan-African Implications of the ANC Leadership Conference

Though the recent ANC leadership conference in South Africa focused on domestic politics, the implications of Jacob Zuma's continued leadership will extend to the SADC region, the African Union and G20.

Resource Nationalism in Africa and Beyond
Annie Chikwanha

Though much is made of increasing resource protectionism in Africa, the trend is in line with several Western countries which have also adopted anti-competitive policies toward foreign investment in extractive sectors.

Putting an Accurate Price on Africa's Natural Wealth
Romy Chevalier

While resource exploitation has been at the heart of African economic activity for decades, policy makers should also factor 'ecosystem services' into cost/benefit analyses of extraction and conservation projects.

Ethiopia: An Underestimated Regional Power
Catherine Grant-Makokera, Itumeleng Rantao

While Kenya is typically viewed as East Africa's economic powerhouse, Ethiopia is poised to challenge the entire development narrative of the region - but only if managed effectively.