From Principle to Practice: Improving Water Management in Nairobi
Africa Portal Backgrounder No. 54

Against the myriad of challenges that Nairobi's municipal utilities face on a daily basis, this paper identifies institutional gaps and explains how policy-relevant research can contribute to the progressive realization of adequate water for all.

The Kayelekera Uranium Mine and Economic Development in Malawi
Africa Portal Backgrounder No. 53

Despite indications of extensive mineral deposits under its soil, Malawi lacks a national policy framework to take full advantage of these resources. The Kayelekera uranium mine is emblematic of these issues.

The International Criminal Court: Challenges of Victim Assistance, Participation and Reparations
Africa Portal Backgrounder No. 52

Though the International Criminal Court was designed to be more victim-focused than previous tribunals, the operationalization of programs to assist those affected by crimes under prosecution has been problematic and requires further research and evaluation.

The Problems and Prospects for ECOWAS Intervention in Mali
Backgrounder No. 51

While there is a legal basis for ECOWAS military action in northern Mali, the organization could make a greater contribution to peace and stability by fighting drug trafficking and restoring civil-military relations in the south.

The Complexities of Climate Adaptation in South African Agriculture
Backgrounder No. 50

Give agriculture's complex and historically contentious place within the South African economy, policies to aid its adaptation in the face of climate change must be nuanced and politically cohesive.