Africa Initiative (AI) publications offer original research produced through field-based work on policy issues critical to the continent in five thematic areas: conflict resolution, energy, food security, health, and migration — with special attention to the crosscutting theme of climate change. Discussion Papers and Policy Briefs are produced by AI Research Program grantees, while Backgrounders and Graduate Research Papers are written by students within the AI Exchange Program. The objective of all AI publications is to build capacity among researchers conducting work on Africa and to increase knowledge across the AI’s thematic areas.

Action or Inaction on Climate Change: Potential Implications on Future Moisture Availability in the Nile Basin
Graduate Research Paper No. 3

In support of research to predict the impact of climate change on water resources in Africa, this study investigates the projected changes in moisture availability in the Nile basin.

More Inclusive Decision-making Processes in Foreign Land Leasing: Policy Insights from Kenya
Policy Brief No. 8

While global foreign land leasing does result in key development benefits for people in the host countries, such benefits can only be realized if the deals are structured in a more participatory and transparent manner.

The Local Livelihood Implications of Biofuel Development and Land Acquisitions in Zimbabwe
Africa Initiative Discussion Paper No. 11

Proponents of “green and clean” fuel have argued that a transition to biofuel could result in significant economic and environmental benefits, including local job creation, and less reliance on fossil fuel and energy imports.

Getting Treatment and Care to the Last Mile: Analyzing the Health Surveillance Assistant Cadre in Malawi
Africa Initiative Discussion Paper No. 10
Alexandra Martiniuk bio, Sarah Smith, Amber Deveridge, Josh Berman, Joell Negin, Nwaka Mwambene, Elizabeth Chingaipe

As countries face continued shortages of human resources for health and the double burden of diseases, there is renewed international interest in the potential for community health workers to take on a role in strengthening health systems.

Remitting to Zimbabwe: Migrant experiences and remittance strategies in Botswana
Graduate Research Paper No. 2

This paper discusses the remitting purposes and patterns of Zimbabwean migrants to Botswana and the potential developmental impact of the goods and money they send.